Welcome to Peach Mountain

We're in the process of upgrading the facilities at the University of Michigan's Radio Astronomy Observatory to provide education and research opportunities in space exploration, a gateway to space.

Stay tuned for more details!

-- UM Aero, UMSI, and MXL

For more information contact peachmountain-info@umich.edu.

Photos of the Peach Mountain UM Radio Astronomy dish during a visit by NASA engineers in 2021. (Image Credit: UM/Levi Hutmacher)

Summary of Dish Characteristics

Location: Northwest of Dexter, MI: 42.398739 N, -83.935685 E

Dish Type: Solid, parabolic dish with direct feed, equatorial mount

Frequency Range: Operated up to 16 Ghz in prior observations

Range of Motion: North: +81deg 30min 00sec,

Slew Rate: Being upgraded. Past rates: Dec Slew: 20 deg/min, Dec Scan: 4 deg/min, Polar Slew: 20 deg/min, Polar Scan: 8.75 deg/min

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